Things to Do in Natchez, Mississippi


Located on the Mississippi River, the Mississippi city of Natchez is a historical and picturesque destination. The city is home to many antebellum mansions. The city is also home to the Natchez Trace Parkway, a historic trade route that is now a scenic and recreational drive. You can also visit the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians, which includes a reconstructed Natchez house and three ceremonial mounds.

Historic downtown core

When it comes to Mississippi and history, there are a few places in town you must visit. The historic downtown core of NATCHEZ contains buildings and districts that date back centuries, including the Forks of the Road, which used to be one of the country’s largest slave markets. Visit the Forks of the Road memorial and Natchez Museum of History for a look at the town’s history. You’ll also find exhibits about the Civil Rights Movement and the Rhythm Nightclub fire, which claimed the lives of more than 200 African American residents. Also, the museum is a great place to attend educational events about the city’s history, including its current and past residents.

Natchez is one of Mississippi’s oldest settlements, as well as the southern terminus of the Natchez Trace. The city was founded in 1716 by French colonialists, and was once one of the most important ports on the Mississippi River. It is also the oldest settlement on the Mississippi River. The French established Fort Rosalie here, and the town prospered for many years. However, once the railroads replaced the steamboats, the city was no longer as prosperous as it once was. Today, it is the 25th largest city in the state, but it is one of the most atmospheric and historic.

While visiting the historic downtown core of NATCHEZ, you should be aware that the city is a pedestrian-friendly place. Almost all the streets are lined with sidewalks, which makes it easy to stroll around. While visiting Natchez, you can visit many great shops, including Soiree, Nest, and the quirky home decor store Olivina. Several of these stores are located on the Main and Franklin streets.

You should also visit the Grand Village of the Natchez, which was home to an indigenous village in prehistoric times. It was later used as a religious and political center. The Grand Village features important artifacts from archeological digs and interesting European grave goods. At the Grand Village, you can also enjoy a picnic pavilion or enjoy the nature trails.

Downtown Natchez is a vibrant cultural and commercial district. Moreover, the city is a part of the Music Triangle, which makes it an economic and cultural hub for the African American community. It also houses the existing Rhythm Night Club museum and a ghost-filled building where they used to perform their music. Additionally, there is an incubator set up by Alcorn State University in Downtown Natchez, which will help promote small businesses in the city.

Historic homes

Natchez is filled with historic homes and antebellum architecture. Among the oldest is Magnolia Hall, a fine example of Greek Revival architecture and the last house built in downtown Natchez before the Civil War. Today, Magnolia Hall is home to a rich historic costume museum. It is operated by the Natchez Garden Club and displays period clothing from wealthy Natchez families. In addition, it contains a fascinating collection of dolls in elaborate Victorian era dresses.

For over 80 years, Natchez has opened its doors to visitors to see its beautiful historic homes. Visitors can take guided tours of the homes and learn about the history of the family that lived in them. Costumed guides will share the stories of each home and the surrounding region. Many of these homes are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and are therefore eligible for preservation loans, tax credits, and grant money.

If you want to see the interior of an old home without spending too much money, a tour is a great way to start. At the historic Devereaux Shields House, you can take a tour of the Queen Anne Victorian house, and then dine at the fine restaurant next door. Another beautiful historic home in the town is the Dunleith Historic Inn, which dates from 1856. It is located on 40 acres and has 22 rooms.

Aside from the historic homes, the city also boasts an impressive antebellum mansion, the Rosalie Mansion. It is a three-story brick structure with four massive columns in the front. It has an outdoor kitchen and a breezeway leading to the front door. The interiors are formal and feature large porches.

Natchez has a wealth of historic homes, including many that are open to visitors. If you are interested in architecture, Natchez is a must-see. There are more than a thousand historic homes to tour. You can spend an entire day enjoying the architecture and history of the town. There’s something for everyone in Natchez.

A walk through Natchez’s historic neighborhoods will reveal the city’s rich history. It was an important cotton growing town in the antebellum era, and many of the major plantations were owned by northern families. The town’s antebellum mansions survived the Civil War and were preserved in excellent condition.

Historic estates

Historic estates in Natchez offer a unique glimpse into the past. Longwood, the city’s most impressive and unique home, sits on 87 acres and features an octagonal design with a large byzantine dome. It is one of the most popular attractions in Natchez and is the largest octagonal home in the country.

This city is home to over one thousand historic properties. The city is renowned for the beauty of its antebellum homes, which are in good condition. It also has a number of National Historic Landmarks. Some of the homes were destroyed during the Civil War, but many were saved and restored to their original state.

You can take tours of these magnificent homes in Natchez. The area was once an important center for cotton farming, and many famous northern families had homes and land here. During the Civil War, the city served as a refuge for Union soldiers. Despite the fact that the city was badly affected by the war, the majority of homes were relatively undamaged. In fact, Natchez is home to more antebellum mansions than any other city in the South. The town’s unique architecture and landscape make it a wonderful place to visit.

Food festivals

Natchez is home to one of the most popular food festivals in Mississippi. The food fair is a must-see event. Eight to ten local food vendors showcase a wide selection of cuisine. Visitors can also enjoy wine tastings, cake making classes, and food truck festivals. Here are some of the highlights of the food festival.

The Natchez Food and Wine Festival is a must-see event for foodies from around the country. The festival is a three-day event that showcases the local culinary scene. In addition to showcasing regional wines, it features multiple-course dinners in historic mansions. The festival also features gourmet tastings, progressive dining events, and casual social events.

The Soul Food Fusion Festival will return to downtown Natchez on June 18-20, 2019. The festival was cancelled last year due to an outbreak of the coronavirus. It is a huge culinary event, featuring southern fare cooking, local beer, and live music. Tickets went on sale May 5, so you can’t miss out.

Tastings Along the Mississippi River is a multi-course food festival that features regional and fine dining. This event features several top local chefs. The chefs will create five-course menus that reflect the style of nineteenth century Impressionist paintings. The menu is prepared by Chef Esther Carpenter, who has appeared in prestigious magazines such as Food and Wine and Gourmet.

There are several festivals throughout the year in Natchez. The Adams County Sheriff’s Office Annual Rodeo is a great family event that features bull riding, roping, barrel racing, and a Miss Rodeo America contest. But the biggest annual event is the Natchez Food & Wine Festival. This event is a must-see event for foodies.

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