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Celebrity news stories have the power to grab the audience and make them feel connected with the story. This is because they are often entertaining and can make people laugh or feel happy.

TMZ has earned a reputation for being the first to break celebrity news. Its aggressive reporters and fast-moving writers are credited with changing the way celeb gossip is reported.


TMZ has covered many celebrity news stories, including the Beyonce and Jay-Z elevator fight, Tristin Thompson’s cheating on Khloe Kardashian, and the death of Michael Jackson. The website also carries a wide range of other topics, from sports to fashion to politics.

Founded in 2005 by lawyer-turned journalist Harvey Levin, the website has gained an enormous following. Its staff is paid a standard salary plus a bonus for working outside the Thirty-Mile Zone, where TMZ’s studio is located.

Any illusions about Hollywood glamour and style are quickly ripped to shreds by watching an episode of TMZ. Stars are shown to be sleazy, shameless, alcohol-swigging lowlifes that think they can get away with anything for publicity. This includes making a spectacle of themselves in bars and other public places, and even donating money to charity for free publicity.


Back in 2005, Lisa Sugar launched PopSugar as a website to feed her celebrity gossip obsession. Within a few months, her blog had thousands of readers. She and her husband Brian, who was an entrepreneur himself, began working full time on the site.

The site’s success led to more content and revenue opportunities. It started hosting events like Play/Ground, a weekend festival for its young female audience. PopSugar also branched out into other events and products like sports and gaming.

As Instagram Stories grew in popularity, PopSugar introduced an influencer platform called Emoticode, which allowed users to link to brands via a sticker that appeared in their stories. It took a cut of each sale. Then in 2019, the publisher introduced Glow, a program that allows users to purchase fitness programs and workout videos.

US Weekly

Founded in 1977, Us Weekly provides readers with the latest celebrity news and gossip. The magazine also offers a glimpse into the lives of celebrities and their families. From celebrity diets to weddings and divorces, US Weekly covers it all. The magazine also features articles about fashion, movies and TV shows.

Associate Editor Nicole Massabrook works at em>Us Weekly/em> because it’s the only way she can pay the bills while being this obsessed with pop culture. The New Jersey native spent her teen years reading every entertainment website she could find, and she later honed her writing skills as a high school and college newspaper editor.

Subscribe to Us Weekly and get the hottest celebrity news delivered right to your door. You can even save money with a subscription deal.


Variety is an entertainment news publication that began in 1905 as a weekly show business trade paper covering vaudeville, theater, film and aspects of new media. Over the years it has expanded to include radio and music.

Variety’s history includes a number of game-changers, whose creativity and hard work had a lasting impact on the industry. These people influenced everything from artistic choices to business practices and pushed the boundaries of creativity.

Meghan Markle was slated to be featured on the cover of this month’s issue, but the publication has postponed it in light of the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II. The duchess was set to be honored in the Power of Women issue along with other honorees such as Oprah Winfrey, Elizabeth Olsen and Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai.


As the name suggests, this gossip site focuses on celebrities. Its reporting is often speculative, and it has a tendency to push outrageous rumors. It also tends to take comments out of context, so it’s important to double-check its stories with more reputable sources.

In addition to celebrity gossip, HollywoodLife covers fashion, beauty, fitness, and women’s issues. It also hosts award shows and other events. It was founded in 2009 by Bonnie Fuller and is owned by Penske Media Corporation.

As the title suggests, this tabloid primarily focuses on celebrity gossip and scandals. While it does get a few things right, it is often mean-spirited and spiteful in its reporting. It also often cites anonymous sources, making it unreliable. It is also often biased towards certain political views.


ONTD is a celebrity gossip community on LiveJournal. It covers the latest news and events about celebrities, including rumors, scandals, and outrageous behavior. It also provides entertainment and a sense of community for its readers.

As the popularity of ONTD grew, LiveJournal became concerned about the amount of traffic it was generating. In 2010, it hired Delzer to serve as the journal’s full-time “primary leader” and attempted to take control of the community. This was done so that LiveJournal could monetize the site by running ads against it.

However, LiveJournal was unable to show that the Mavrix photos were posted at the direction of users in order to qualify for protection under Section 512(c). Further, genuine issues of material fact existed about whether the ONTD moderators’ activities went beyond the limited “accessibility-enhancing” manual activities permitted by the safe harbor.

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