13 Spice Organization Ideas For Your Lazy Susan


A lazy Susan makes it easy to organize spices, keeping them all within easy reach. Its spinning tray makes sifting spices a breeze, while the open shelving rack keeps them neat and organized. Alternatively, a modern wall-mounted organizer looks like a work of art. You can also paint mini mason jars and use a white Sharpie to write the contents of your spice rack.

Organizing spices alphabetically

If you have a lazy Susan in your kitchen, you may want to organize your spices alphabetically. This will make it easier to find the spices that you use the most and keep them close at hand. It is also a good idea to group spices by category, such as cuisine or how often you cook with them. For best results, use clear containers with lids and label them clearly.

When organizing your spices, make sure you store them in separate storage units. This will save you time and ensure you have everything at hand. You can group your spices alphabetically, by spiciness or sweetness, or by frequently used or rarely used. You can even use different spice organizers for different types of spice blends and ethnic cuisines.

Before you organize your spices, you need to decide which categories you want to use. Then, you must decide how much space you have available in your spice cabinet. When organizing your spices, make sure you eliminate duplicates, expired spices, or spices that have lost their aroma or are past their expiration date. It is also a good idea to sniff each spice to determine if it is still fresh. The stronger the smell, the fresher the spice is.

In case you do not have a dedicated spice cabinet, you can use a lazy Susan with drawers. In this way, you can easily store all the spices alphabetically. Another option is to use a spinning tray to store spices. These organizers are ideal for people with limited space in their cabinets. They also come with adjustable dividers that make it easy to organize spices alphabetically.

Organizing spices by cuisine

Organizing spices by cuisine is an excellent way to store them and make them easily accessible. Lazy susans are stackable, so they can hold a lot of spices. Moreover, they look great on your kitchen counter and are easy to assemble. Keeping your spices organized by cuisine will save you time and hassle.

You can organize spices by cuisine and alphabetically. Grouping spices together will make it easier to locate the type you’re looking for. You can also organize spices according to their use. For example, if you cook Chinese or Indian food regularly, keep all the spices for that particular cuisine close at hand. Alternatively, group your spices by flavor profile.

Another option is an auto-measure carousel. This type of spice rack has several rotating canisters that automatically measure a certain quantity with the click of a button. Other options include drawer organizers or shoeboxes. You can also organize your spices using magnetic strips.

Another option for organizing your spices is to use clear jars. This will make them more appealing to the eyes. It will also be easy for you to identify which spice is in which jar. You can purchase a few empty jars from the same company to create a set of matching jars. You can also recycle the jars that you don’t use. If you’re not a fan of the plastic, you can place a label on the jars’ lids or on the side.

Organizing spices by cuisine on a lazy Susan

A lazy Susan is a great way to organize your spices, as it makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. It also offers a neat appearance on your counter. Lazy susans are also stackable, so you can keep more spices on one. A wooden one looks great on a kitchen counter.

When organizing your spices, make sure to label each one with its name. You should also place them in a deep drawer or a tray that has a lip to pull them out easily. You can also use a soda crate to store them horizontally, or hang them from the wall.

If you use spices frequently, a lazy Susan is the perfect solution. You can turn your salt and pepper collection into a permanent fixture, and your hot sauce supply will no longer be an afterthought. You can also use it as a stove-side flavor station and keep the most used ingredients within reach.

Another creative spice rack idea is to upcycle an old wine barrel. This rustic spice rack is an excellent way to organize your spices, and is a lovely addition to any kitchen. This DIY project is easy and inexpensive, and is a great way to recycle items. You can also make a spice rack out of an old cooling rack. These racks are not only stylish, but are eco-friendly as well.

Organizing spices on a multi-tier rack

A multi-tier spice rack allows you to store a variety of spices in an easy-to-access location. There are several different designs to choose from, including pedestals, revolving racks, and in-drawer storage. The type you choose will depend on your kitchen layout and the types of spices you use most. Some racks also feature containers to hold a variety of spices, which is helpful if you’re constantly adding new spices to your collection.

A multi-tier rack will allow you to store up to 20 different spices, and it can be used on a countertop, in a cabinet, or even on the wall. These racks are designed to hold spices that come in jars, and they come with matching glass bottles and labels. The jars feature removable plastic sifters that can be removed for easy access. Whether you’re storing spices in your spice cabinet, you can find a spice rack that fits your needs and is easy to install.

When it comes to organizing spices, a multi-tier rack will help you save time and space. It’s easy to use and can fit anywhere you have a kitchen countertop or pantry. The racks’ clear plastic allows you to differentiate different spices and small items easily. This type of rack is also great for storing medicines, makeup, and other small items. The best part about this type of rack is that you can easily reach all of the spices without having to rummage through several jars of the same type.

Another multi-tier spice rack that holds up to 40 jars is the Allstar Innovations SpiceStack Adjustable Rack. It has a D-shaped design, allows you to customize the height of each tier, and has a rotating base. It can also sit flush against the wall.

Organizing spices on a pantry door

Using a lazy Susan to store spices will allow you to access and organize them in a convenient manner. This type of storage is also convenient because it can be stacked, which allows you to store more spices. In addition to the practical use, a lazy susan will look great on a countertop.

Spice organizers come in various designs and styles. You can use a door-mounted rack or a tiered rack. If you don’t want to use a door-mounted rack, you can use a drawer organizer to store your spices. You can even use them as a storage space for other pantry items.

Another option is an over-the-door spice organizer. This organizer comes with adjustable, non-slip dividers that will fit different-sized jars. It also has removable labels to make it easier for you to find a particular spice. You can secure this organizer to the door using screws or adhesive strips. However, this type of rack is not suitable for tall bottles or glass jars. It can also be wobbly.

When organizing spices on a pantry door for lazy Susan, you should sort them alphabetically by type. This will make them easier to find and will make it much easier for you to prepare dinner. Also, it’s helpful to group your spices by usage to make it easier for you to find what you need.

Lazy Susans are an excellent choice for a small pantry because they can bring items from the back of the shelf to the front. HGTV lists several other uses for a Lazy Susan, including storing special condiments.

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