Using Facebook Messenger Bot for Retail Applications


What exactly is a Facebook Messenger bot?” at the most basic level, chat Bots provide a streamlined method for companies to automate many common low-level consumer support functions. Rather than waiting on hold for hours to talk to a customer service representative, users can immediately chat with a bot to complete the initial stages of an RMA request, or to answer simple pre-purchase inquiries. This results in a more productive and efficient customer experience, and allows companies to save a significant amount of time and money on routine customer support calls.

facebook messenger bot

To discuss the broader impact of the bot on the industry, it’s important first to discuss the specific use case of the Facebook Messenger Bot. In basic terms, the bot is intended to facilitate easy communication between two people who don’t necessarily know each other. The bot acts as an instant agent between a company’s technical team and its customer base. Once a user logs in to the facebook messenger bot, he or she can simply start chatting with another person by typing a simple text message into the chat box. The bot will then connect to the user’s facebook account, where it will remain logged in while talking to the other person, and link their conversations back to the company’s servers, where the technical team can handle any issues that may arise.

In this example, let’s say that Bob wants to make a purchase over the internet from an online store. He creates a profile, selects a product, and places his order. For several days, he has a wealth of information regarding the product, as he shares it via the chat bots with his friends. Because he has gone to great lengths to create a useful profile for his use, and has repeatedly posted updates about his order to facebook, his friends have been able to return the favor, and many of them have already purchased the product at this point.

Because the chatbot has built-in knowledge about Bob’s business and products, it can easily identify what he wants to buy, and what he doesn’t want to buy, as well as how much he wants to spend. As such, the bot can save time for Bob as he sorts through his options and makes his decision. As he types in his order and clicks on the “place order” button, it can identify the various products that are available, their prices, and in some cases, the user might even be able to select multiple products at once. Then, the bot sends a custom welcome message to the user, asking him to log in to the facebook messenger to see his newest products. In a short period of time, Bob’s entire inventory has been automatically updated, and he doesn’t even need to sit down at the keyboard to do so.

There is no reason for Bob to ever miss a delivery again! If he leaves the store, he can still track his order and have it waiting for him when he logs back into Facebook. If there is a mistake made or something is wrong with the order, the bot will record it and contact the customer service agent who handled the transaction, which saves both time and frustration. There is no need to even contact these agents as most of the Bots are set up to handle inquiries and concerns. This is excellent news for the customer experience because the Bot eliminates so much human interaction from the process.

When using the chatbot, Bob is also able to track the progress of each of his interactions with the chatbot. It is extremely helpful in ensuring that the orders are accurately recorded and that the orders are filled as they come in, which is incredibly helpful to the customer service agents and other employees who are working with customers every day. Chatfuite is an online service that allows customers to purchase products from major retailers like Amazon, Overstock, JCPenney, and Macy’s using their personal Facebook profiles, and it is not hard to see why these large companies would want to use such a tool to increase sales. These bot systems are not hard to install, and they will work for any of these major retailers and brands, allowing the establishments to take their Facebook activity to the next level.

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