Tips For Organizing Small Closets


If you have a small closet, there are a few tips that you can use to make the space more efficient. Sort clothes by type to make accessing them easier. For example, in a small bedroom closet, hang tops and bottoms together. You can also hang clothes by color.

Hang clothes vertically

A small closet often lacks vertical space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize the space by hanging clothes vertically. Adding two hanging rods to a small closet will not only give you more hanging space, but it will also free up shelf space for other items.

In addition to hangers, you can also use baskets or shelves to store other items. One way to keep folded clothes neat is to use shelf dividers. Another option is to roll larger items into baskets. You can also group similar items by grouping them with the same hanger.

Folding your sweaters and t-shirts is another good option. This method allows them to hang more easily without creating a bump. Shirts made of stretchable materials, such as denim, should be folded instead of hung. Hoodies should also be folded instead of hanging.

Adding a shoe shelf or two can also add more vertical space. In addition to shoe shelves, ottomans or coffee tables can be used as additional shelves and storage. These can be a great solution for small closets. You can also use the space to store off-season clothes in suitcases. In this way, you can make the most of every inch.

Folding your clothes vertically is another way to maximize the space available in a small closet. This technique saves space and doesn’t obscure your storage options. The world of closet organizers is vast and there are numerous solutions to suit any budget. You can either install a complete closet system, or mix and match from the wide selection available.

Use fabric drawers as shelf dividers

You can use fabric drawers as shelf dividers in your small closet to create more space for hanging clothes. They come in many sizes and configurations, which allows you to store everything without a cluttered look. These fabric storage containers are also adjustable and make organizing your closet much easier.

These drawers come with a subtle valet hook on the front, which gives you additional hanging storage. You can purchase a narrow version or a taller version for bigger items and stacks of clothing. The key is to choose the right size for the space you have available.

Closet shelves can get very cluttered quickly. Open shelves will quickly become a disaster. To avoid this situation, use Vela shelf dividers. These steel shelf dividers slide over standard solid wood shelves. You can buy them at The Container Store. If you are unsure of their durability, they’re made of a strong material and should be able to withstand the wear and tear of constant use.

If you don’t have a lot of floor space in your closet, you can use hanging shoe racks. These racks can store up to 24 pairs of shoes. They can also hold other items, such as water bottles and cleaning supplies. Adding shelf dividers to your closet will help you keep your clothes neat. They will also keep small items from moving around. This is especially helpful for socks, belts, and sunglasses.

Besides using fabric drawers as shelf dividers, you can also use other storage items, such as hanging organizers. You can use these organizers to store small items, such as jewelry, accessories, or purses. Alternatively, you can use clear acrylic file dividers for your dirty duds.

Replace mismatched hangers with slimline hangers

Using the right hangers in your closet is crucial for keeping your clothes wrinkle-free and looking their best. Not only does this help keep your clothes looking great, but it also helps you save space. However, not all hangers are created equal. Some are made of different materials and have different hooks. Investing in the right hangers can improve the organization of your closet and make it easier to locate the clothes you want to wear.

The first thing to do is to check the material of your hangers. Some materials are slippery, making it difficult to hang heavier clothes. Therefore, you should choose hangers that are made of the same material. Heavy-duty plastic hangers are best for hanging heavy-weight items.

Another option is to invest in stainless steel hangers. Unlike wooden hangers, these do not leave any visible marks on your clothes. Stainless steel hangers are also easy to move and hang. While they are thin, they are sturdy enough to hang heavier clothes. They are also made of durable ABS material. They are available in various colors and can hold up to 10 pounds. You can even buy different sizes for your wardrobe depending on the size of your closet.

Besides the high cost of wooden suit hangers, you can also purchase inexpensive ones that don’t look like expensive ones. Walmart has a pack of 30 non-slip hangers that look like expensive hangers. Plastic hangers are also cheaper alternatives, but they aren’t as sturdy or provide the same grip as pricier ones.

Adding matching hangers will help you save space and improve the aesthetics of your closet. Often, your closet will look cluttered and out of order when you stack different types of hangers. To make your closet look cleaner and more orderly, use matching slimline hangers to organize your clothing.

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