Things to Do in Natchez, Mississippi


If you are looking for a fun vacation spot in Mississippi, you should check out Natchez. It is a historic city located on the Mississippi River and is known for its antebellum mansions. You can take a scenic drive along the Natchez Trace Parkway, which used to be a major trade route. You can also visit the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians, which includes a reconstructed Natchez house and three ceremonial mounds.

Historic antebellum mansions

One of the most opulent antebellum mansions in the southern United States is Stanton Hall, also known as Belfast, located at 401 High Street in Natchez, Mississippi. It is now operated by the Pilgrimage Garden Club as a historic house museum.

You can tour the mansions on foot or take a motorcoach tour. There are various departure times and the price is around $20 per person. The Natchez Pilgrimage organization hosts tours of several historic antebellum mansions throughout the year. The tours include the Longwood Mansion, Stanton Hall, Rosalie, Linden, and Dunleith. You can also stay at the Monmouth Historic Inn & Gardens, a 19th-century mansion with elegant canopy beds and beautiful gardens.

The antebellum mansions of Natchez are a great way to experience the city’s history and culture. The town boasts more antebellum mansions than any other city in the South. You can tour these homes on a hop-on/hop-off tour that covers over 40 sites in the historic center of the city.

Another beautiful mansion in Natchez is Stanton Hall, which was built in the 1850s by a cotton grower named Frederick Stanton. The mansion spans an entire city block, and is filled with original antique furnishings. The Pilgrimage Garden Club operates the house as a historic house museum.

Longwood is the most grand and unique of the antebellum mansions in Natchez, with over 87 acres of grounds. It is the largest octagonal house in the United States, and is a favorite among visitors. You can also enjoy seasonal ghost tours of this mansion.

Visitors can tour the building and its grounds in the Melrose House. The tour lasts 45 minutes and takes in the first and second floors. The house also features a museum and a restaurant. It also served as the city’s first post office. It is now a historic site on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Natchez Pilgrimage is another great way to experience the city’s history. During the spring, 19 homes are open to the public for a day of exploration. Costumed guides explain the history of the home, the family, and the region. Visiting antebellum mansions in the city of Natchez is a wonderful way to honor the history of this city, and learn more about the people who lived in it.

Civil War era black and white photographs

Among the Civil War era black and white photographs on display at the Historic Natchez Foundation is a collection of works by Henry Norman, a nineteenth-century photographer from the South. His photographs erase the slave trade and portray white-black relations as benevolent. This form of documentary photography is known as interspatial. In addition to evoking social hierarchies, these images likewise free blacks from white influence in his studio portraits.

The historic Natchez Foundation recently screened the movie “Black Natchez,” which details the fight between black citizens and white supremacists during the Civil Rights Era. This film was created to educate viewers on the role of black culture in American history and how it affected the Natchez community.

Pilgrimage extravaganzas

If you are looking for a unique holiday experience, consider Natchez. This Mississippi city offers a variety of activities and attractions for your entire family. Whether you are looking for a springtime pilgrimage or a Christmas celebration, you’ll find the perfect place to stay. You can even enjoy a holiday party here that lasts until New Year’s Day!

For an authentic feel of Natchez, consider taking one of the city’s many antebellum house tours. The city is known for its beautiful nineteenth-century architecture, which is unparalleled anywhere in America today. Natchez has been preserving its history for over a century by organizing the annual Spring Pilgrimage. This event draws tens of thousands of visitors each year.

Food scene

If you’re in the mood for some southern-style cooking, head to Natchez. This new restaurant, named for the city in Mississippi where chef/owner Alexis Jones was born, opened two weeks ago and has been well received by downtown patrons. The menu features southern-inspired dishes with Mediterranean and contemporary French influences. The chef is dedicated to using fresh, local ingredients.

Natchez is known for its rich culinary scene. It is home to several popular eateries, including the King’s Tavern, which is the oldest building in the Mississippi Territory. Originally built in 1789, the restaurant offers authentic Southern cuisine and a handcrafted cocktail menu. It is also home to a ghost that haunts the restaurant.

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