Things to Do in Kingdom City, Missouri


The city of Kingdom City is known for a number of things. The city has a great dining scene, with many delis and restaurants serving a wide range of delicious cuisine. There is also a nice selection of desserts. For the best food and drinks, visit the Downtown area.


In Kingdom City, Missouri, there are several options for a great meal. For example, you can enjoy pizza or other cuisine at the Banded Rooster Bar and Grill, which is located off of I-70. The restaurant is owned by Becky Wright, who is also the aunt of former Mizzou football star Drew Lock. The restaurant was built in 2002, and it features a menu that includes pizza and other food. In addition, the restaurant also offers chicken wings and baked pasta.

You can also find several fast-food restaurants in Kingdom City, Missouri. Each of them features a phone number, website link, map location, and user reviews. If you’re interested in eating out in Kingdom City, Missouri, you can visit our website to learn more about the options available in the area.

The city of Kingdom City is a suburb of Columbia, Missouri. It is 23 miles outside of the capital city of Columbia and is close to the University of Missouri. You’ll find several popular attractions in this town, including the Ozarkland novelty shop, where you can buy salt water taffy. Another place to visit is the National Churchill Museum, which is housed in a 12th-century English church that was stone-by-stone moved here from London. This museum focuses on Winston Churchill, and it is worth checking out when visiting the city.

You can also order food from restaurants in Kingdom City with the help of a delivery service. Some restaurants offer free delivery, so you can order from a local restaurant and have it delivered right to your door in a matter of hours. Another way to order food is by using Postmates. The website lets you select the restaurant and select the date and time of delivery. Alternatively, you can order food through Postmates Unlimited, where you can pay $0 delivery charges.


If you need a snack in the middle of the day but don’t have the time to run out to a local bakery in Kingdom City, Missouri, you’re in luck! You can now use Postmates to order food and drinks to your home or office. With the Postmates app, you can choose a time and date for delivery, and some restaurants even offer free delivery.

Downtown Kingdom City has some great bakeries and is the perfect place to indulge in your sweet tooth. If you’d prefer to eat out, you can find a variety of delis and restaurants downtown. The bakeries have a good selection of sweets, and you can find a class at a nearby kitchen supply store or art and craft store.


When you visit Kingdom City, Missouri, you’ll find that this small city is full of unique attractions. It’s smaller than many other cities in the United States, but has plenty of things to do and places to see. You’ll also find that the town is home to many different types of restaurants, delis, and shops. Whether you’re looking for some great local fare or want to see the latest art exhibit, you’re sure to find something you enjoy.

Auto World Car Museum By Backe

Located in Kingdom City, Missouri, the Auto World Car Museum features over 120 vintage automobiles. The collection is a trip down memory lane and is sure to pique your interest in old cars. The vehicles are showcased in different exhibits, which feature memorabilia and historical context. Many of the vehicles on display have become classics. The museum has an excellent selection of vehicles to view, including antique cars and vintage trucks.

You can choose to stay at a hotel near the museum to make the most of your time in the city. There are several options nearby, including the Country Hearth Inn & Suites Kingdom City, an IHG hotel located about 9 miles north of the Auto World Car Museum By Backe. This hotel also offers a restaurant, free high-speed Internet access, and valet parking.

Callaway Nuclear

There are many different things to do in Kingdom City, Missouri. This small village is located in Callaway County, Missouri, and is part of the Jefferson City, Missouri, Metropolitan Statistical Area. It has a population of 121 people, according to the 2000 census. It is located near the intersection of Interstate 70, U.S. Route 40, and U.S. Route 54. It is also close to Callaway Nuclear and is home to several different museums and historical attractions.

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