Things to Do in Kingdom City, Missouri


There are many things to do in Kingdom City, Missouri. This article will highlight some of the top attractions. Check out the Auto World Car Museum by Backe, callaway nuclear power plant, and Downtown Kingdom City. You can also find local businesses and restaurants and explore the area’s arts and crafts scene.

Auto World Car Museum By Backe

The Auto World Car Museum is home to 120 vintage vehicles that span 100 years. These vehicles are part of the Backer Collection, which dates back to 1903. There are many unique exhibits in the museum, which provide historical context and memorabilia from the time the cars were new. The museum is located in Fulton, Missouri.

You can stay at a nearby hotel. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Kingdom City, an IHG hotel, is about 4.9 miles north of the museum. The hotel also features a restaurant and an indoor pool. Guests can enjoy complimentary high-speed wireless Internet and valet parking.

Callaway Nuclear

There are many things to do in Kingdom City, Missouri. You can explore the area’s history or enjoy the local cuisine. The city offers a wide variety of food at its many restaurants and delis. The city also has a photo gallery and a craft store. If you’re interested in learning something new, there are many classes and activities to take.

Downtown Kingdom City

The quaint downtown area of Downtown Kingdom City has something for everyone. There are restaurants and delis of all types and even a nice selection of desserts. The city is known for its fresh baked goods. Many of these shops also offer classes. Downtown Kingdom City is a great place to take classes.

This small town is a thriving business center that thrives on the transient highway business. Its location at the intersection of Interstate 70 and U.S. Highway 54 has made it a popular tourist destination as well as a popular destination for truckers and travelers. Its history goes back to 1927 when the city was a bus stop. Jack Lay built Lay’s Cafe in the city, where he served meals for regular bus companies. By the late 1920s, truckers and tourists were making their way through the area.


Whether you’re looking for fast food or a fine dining establishment, there are many choices in Kingdom City, Missouri. You can easily find a menu and contact details of restaurants by searching online. Some of these restaurants even offer online ordering. The following table lists restaurants in Kingdom City that accept online reservations.

Some of the restaurants in Kingdom City offer free delivery. You can even order through Postmates, which also offers a pick-up option. Just enter the information for your order and a delivery time, and you’ll be set! Other restaurants will charge a delivery fee, but some have free delivery.

Downtown Kingdom City is home to the Banded Rooster Bar and Grill, a place where you can grab a bite to eat. The family-owned establishment is situated near Interstate 70, and is owned by Becky Wright, aunt of former Mizzou football player Drew Lock. The restaurant’s menu is prepared by Columbia chef Jared Schaefer.

Domino’s Pizza is another good option for quick meals in Kingdom City. Domino’s has been serving delicious pizzas for over 100 years, and the Kingdom City location has a large selection. Domino’s also offers a variety of other dishes, including chicken wings and baked pasta. Domino’s offers a take-out option for hungry travelers.


If you’re a traveler to the Midwest, you may want to consider checking out Kingdom City, Missouri. It’s a smaller city than many others in the area, but it offers a lot of unique places and things to do. If you’re a fan of the arts, you’ll find a variety of art galleries, museums, and craft shops here.

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