Places to Go in Madras, Oregon


Madras is a city located in Jefferson County, Oregon. Originally named “The Basin,” the city was created in 1903. The city is characterized by a circular valley. Today, Madras offers plenty to do for any traveler. In addition to historic sites and parks, you can visit the city’s vibrant arts scene.

Theosophical Society

Theosophy is a philosophy of spirituality that was first introduced in 1885 to Europe. Its founding father, Helena Petrovna Bavlatsky, founded the first headquarters in New York. She also established headquarters in India, in the cities of Madras and Adyar. The Society soon became an international organization.

Mondrian was influenced by both industrial engineering and theosophy. Although his theoretical writings tended to focus on the practical aspect of his work, they were interrelated. In his theory, he hoped to develop a philosophical system that could transform the human visual environment.

Theosophy was a popular movement in western society at the end of the 19th century. Its founder, Russian noblewoman Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, had incorporated various religious and philosophical currents to create its unique philosophy. It sought to unite the East and West and promote unity. It also sought to serve as a bridge between scientific progress and Western religion. Its goal was to integrate the concepts of science and spirituality and to explain human diversity through evolution.

Theosophy spread rapidly throughout Europe. Its influence on art was immediate, with forty Dutch artists taking part in an exposition associated with the Society’s 1904 International Convention in Amsterdam. These paintings offer an idea of the theosophical doctrine’s reception in Dutch artistic circles.

The purpose of the Theosophical Society of Madrid was not entirely clear. The purpose could be purely theoretical, or it could be a practical approach. Helena Blavatsky believed that the study of Occultism should be accompanied by personal experience. She also spoke of a journey she made to the Orient in September of 1875.

Helena Blavatsky was killed in 1891. This led to a split in the Theosophical Society. At first, all three groups operated peacefully together. However, in 1895, Judge was accused of forging Mahatmas letters and ended their association with Olcott and Besant. Most of the original organisation, led by Olcott and Besant, is still active in India.

Theosophical thought also influenced Piet Mondrian. Initially, the artist wanted to cooperate with the society, but soon had doubts about the theosophists’ intentions. Moreover, his art ideas received a bad reception in the Netherlands. A famous article of his on art in the Theosophia journal in 1914 was deemed unworthy by the journal’s editors.

Royapuram Fishing Harbor

If you’re in the mood for some fresh seafood, you must make your way to the Royapuram Fishing Harbor, a popular spot for seafood lovers in south India. You’ll find chunky crustaceans, silvery fish, mussels, and snails in this bustling community. It’s also the perfect place for a morning fishing expedition. There are plenty of fish sellers and tourists can observe the fishing process up close.

The fishing community in Royapuram runs the entire harbour, which gets about 30,000 visitors a day. The harbour is surrounded by a breakwater up to 300 m into the sea. The draft alongside the wharf is two meters. The harbour is home to several hundred fishing boats, including over 600 45-ft vessels operated by 11 people, about 200-30 feet fibre boats with outboard motors, and hundreds of catamarans. The fisheries department estimates that over 200 tonnes of fish are sold every day, with the rest being supplied to local markets.

Located in Kasimedu, Chennai, the Royapuram Fishing Harbor is one of the most important fishing hubs in Tamil Nadu. It’s a popular destination for seafood, and is home to many different types of fishing craft. The port can accommodate about 575 fishing crafts, and over 1,300 boats use the port every day. With so many boats and fishermen using the port, it’s no surprise that this harbour is one of the busiest in Tamil Nadu.

MGR Film City

The European Film Market is a reference market for film production. This event in Madrid features a number of expositor companies, as well as film commissions and autonomous film promotion organisations. Spanish films are promoted through a dedicated campaign and special activities, including a virtual cinema from Spain room and twenty market screenings in five days. Participating sales agents are responsible for scouting and selecting films for the screenings.

The MGR Film City was opened in 1994, and was named after late Tamil Nadu chief minister MG Ramachandran. The site includes a film school, film sets, and replicas of urban and village areas. It also contains landscape gardens in Japanese and Italian styles. You can include the MGR Film City on your personalized travel itinerary.

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