Himalayan Pink Salt


Himalayan salt is a pinkish rock salt that is mined in the Punjab region of Pakistan. It is often used as a food additive in recipes, replacing refined table-salt. Its benefits extend beyond cooking. It is also used as a decorative lamp and in spa treatments. However, it is most commonly known as a tabletop additive. Let’s take a closer look at its many uses! This natural rock salt is naturally high in trace minerals and can make a great addition to any dish!

salt himalayan

The production of Himalayan salt began more than 500 million years ago. The ancient inland sea slowly evaporated leaving expansive mineral salt deposits. This process was caused by tectonic activity, which sealed the sea bed under intense pressure and pushed the surrounding rock upwards, creating mountain ranges. In ancient times, the first known human to notice these salt deposits was Alexander the Great, who stopped for a rest in the Khewra area of Northern Pakistan, where he noticed horses licking the rocks.

Today, the Himalayan pink salt is mined by hand and has many beneficial properties. Its high mineral content makes it a good choice for healthy eating. In fact, it contains more than a half of a teaspoon of every mineral your body needs to stay healthy. Moreover, it contains no artificial additives, which means that it’s a safe, effective, and affordable choice for your everyday diet. The Himalayan pink salt is usually made by hand by skilled workers in remote villages and is highly nutritious.

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