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fleur de sel

Fleur Desel

Fluorescent green fleur de sel, also called fleur de noir, is a salt that is manufactured in France. Due to its salty, rich flavor, and because of its high costs, it is typically utilized as an end dressing or sprinkling salt on food instead of as a cooking seasoning, making it a unique product. It is often used as a garnish on pastries, on juices and cocktails, and as a flavoring for baked goods such as cookies. Its distinctive flavor makes it a well-received seasoning.

It is created through the soaking of dried flowers in sea water for a number of weeks and then pressing the waters with a sea clay until it is thick and creamy. The clay is then strained, filtered, and dried into fleur de sel. Because of the rich taste and the relative humidity content, this type of fleur de sel should not be consumed with juice, but may be good as an added flavoring on appetizers, salads, or as a garnish for baked goods.

In addition to fleur de sel being highly regarded as an exotic variety, it is also a highly favored variety for use in salons and spas. The distinctive, pungent flavor and relative scarcity make it ideal for use as an after-shave or body lotion. The relative affordability of fleur de sel makes it a great alternative to more expensive mineral salts, especially when purchasing online.

There is much debate as to how much “essence” a sea salt has, or how much of the mineral it contains. The best estimate is that fleur de sel has about twenty percent essence, while the flower of salt has about forty percent. It is the “essence” of the salt that gives it its distinctive flavor, color, and moisture content, and the more pure the crystal form of fleur de sel, the less “essence” there is. In addition, it is also possible to find sea salts with ten or eleven percent essence, though this is extremely rare.

There are two primary ways to purchase fleur de sel: from a retailer or online. Retailers may be able to source dry sea salts at wholesale prices, allowing them to price them lower than other salts. Online retailers, on the other hand, may not be able to buy enough in bulk to have the variety that makes fleur de sel a popular choice. Online retailers must stock up on these salts quickly, as their supply runs out very quickly. In addition, they must be able to keep the stocks fresh and in good shape for long periods of time, both factors which can make it difficult to source fleur de sel for a retail store.

While fleur de sel has been around for many centuries, only recently have manufacturers started using the salts for commercial use. In recent years, the market for these salts has grown tremendously, especially as people have begun to shift their attentions away from table salt. Today it is almost impossible to find a grocery store where you cannot find some form of fleur de sel, though some salts do remain in high end luxury stores likeourmet restaurants. Fleur de sel comes in a wide variety of styles and scents, ranging from ocean side to French country and from wild to traditional. Whatever your interests, fleur de sel will enhance the beauty of any table or cookware.

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