Best Places to Visit in Jerico, West Bank of Palestine


Jericho is a city in the West Bank of Palestine. It lies in the Jordan Valley, between the Jordan River and Jerusalem. There are numerous attractions in and around the city, including the Mosaic Center and the 2,000-year-old sycamore tree.

2,000 year old sycamore tree

Jerico is the home of one of the oldest sycamore trees in the world. The tree is more than two thousand years old. The ancient sycamore is now undergoing testing to see if it is still alive. The preliminary tests have shown that it is. It is estimated to be about seven feet in diameter. The 2,000-year-old sycamore will be the center of a $3 million visitors’ complex and museum.

Another place to visit in Jerico is the Church of Zacchaeus, which was built to honor the meeting between Jesus and Zacchaeus. The 2,000-year-old sycamore tree is also an important site in Jerico and is important to Christians. There are three different monasteries that claim to have the sycamore tree in their monastery.

One of the oldest monasteries in Jerico is the Greek Monastery of Saint George. It is located on a hill overlooking the city of Jerico and has a breathtaking view of the Jordan valley. The monastery is also known for the location where Jesus was tempted by the devil. This monastery is also a popular destination for hikers who are exploring the valley.

Another place to visit in Jerico is the Russian Museum, which is located five kilometers from the city center. It houses a collection of artifacts and finds from Jerico and loan items from Russian museums. The main attraction of this museum is the 2000-year-old Sycamore tree, which was first mentioned in the Bible.

Jerico is one of the earliest towns in the world. Several ancient buildings and ruins are still standing in the city. The ancient city was home to two of the most famous people in history. Jesus and Elisha both visited Jerico. He is said to have healed a blind man here and the sycamore tree is believed to be over two thousand years old. It is also home to many shops and galleries where visitors can buy handcrafted ceramics, hand-blown glass, and Dead Sea products. Currently, Jerico is governed by the Palestinian Authority. It is essential to have a valid passport to visit the city.

Mount of Temptation

The Mount of Temptation is one of the holiest sites in Israel, and is well worth a visit. From its top, visitors can take in the magnificent view of the valley below. The mountain is also home to the Greek Orthodox Monastery of the Temptation, which is open to men and women. There are tours available six days a week. There are also some great restaurants and hotels in Jerico.

As early as the first century, this site has been the home of monks. Originally, monks lived in caves beneath the mountain and converted them into chapels, cells, and storage rooms. The monks incorporated a complex system of conduits to bring water up to the caves. In the sixth century, a Persian invasion displaced the monks, and they retreated to the Mount of Temptation. This site has been a religious destination for Christians ever since. The present Monastery was built in the 19th century. The Monastery resembles a cave in the mountain and seems to grow out of the sheer rock. The southern half of the Monastery is actually cantilevered into space.

The Mount of Temptation is the site where Jesus was tempted by the devil during his 40-day fast. It is 360 metres above sea level and offers breathtaking views of the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea. Located in the west of Jerico, Mount of Temptation is accessible by cable car or a 30 minute hike.

Before Christianity, monks lived in caves in the mountains. The monastery was built on the side of the mountain and has been restored several times. It also has a medieval cave-church in front of the cave. The cave contains a stone that is believed to be the spot where Jesus was tempted.

Russian Museum

The Russian Museum is located 5km outside of Jerico’s city center. It houses items found in Jerico as well as items on loan from Russia. One of its main attractions is a 2000-year-old sycamore tree, which was first mentioned in the Bible.

The museum is open to the public and contains exhibits from the archaeological digs. It also features old black and white photographs of Russian pilgrims. Admission to the museum is free, but visitors should dress appropriately. Another attraction in Jerico is Hisham’s Palace, which dates back to the 8th century and contains early Islamic ruins. The entrance fee to Hisham’s Palace is 10 NIS. Another important site in Jerico is the Russian Museum, which contains the history of the Russian Orthodox Church in Palestine. It has an extensive artifact collection, including the Tree of Zacchaeus.

If you’re looking for a place to stay for a few days, Jerico has a wide variety of options. The downtown area is home to restaurants, shops, and museums. The town also features a theatre and cafes. It is also possible to stroll the main thoroughfare.

The ancient city of Jerico is a great place to visit if you love history. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and has an incredible amount of history to explore. The ancient synagogue in Jerico dates back to the 6th century and features a floor mosaic that reads Peace unto Israel. In addition, the city is home to the Hisham’s Palace.

Mosaic Center

Mosaics are part of the Palestinian cultural heritage, and Jerico has some of the best examples in the Middle East. During a guided tour, participants will learn the process of mosaic making. They will practice cutting techniques using glass and ceramic tiles. Once they’ve perfected the skills, they will begin creating their own mosaic, using Palestinian natural stone. Once they’re done, they will have the opportunity to view the finished work.

Located near the main square, the Mosaic Center is a cultural heritage center dedicated to conserving historic mosaics and educating a new generation of mosaic artists. The center offers both free and fee-based admission to its exhibits. The center also offers a restaurant that serves local food.

Another site worth a visit in Jerico is the Monastery of the Qurantul, which was built where Jesus defied Satan. It’s carved into a cliff face and has dramatic views of the Dead Sea. It’s a beautiful and impressive engineering feat. Another must-see is the ancient city of Tel Al Sultan, where you can explore remains of a civilisation that dates back ten thousand years.

Nearby Jerico, the Jordan Valley is an oasis filled with palm trees and gushing freshwater springs. The area has been a popular destination for ascetics for centuries. The Romans built an aqueduct here that was repaired during the British Mandate. In the Middle Ages, the city was home to the Jewish temple and a Byzantine church. The city also houses the Mosaic Center, where visitors can view well-preserved mosaics.

While there are many attractions in Jerico, the Mosaic Center is one of the most popular. It’s home to one of the largest mosaics in the world, as well as other impressive artifacts. The museum also features exhibits from archaeological digs. Old black and white photographs of Russian pilgrims are also displayed there.

Tree of Zacchaeus

The Tree of Zacchaeus is a popular Christian pilgrimage site in Jerico. The site is located in the heart of the city. According to legend, Zacchaeus, a wealthy tax collector, once climbed the sycamore tree to see Jesus. Although Zacchaeus was too short to see Jesus clearly, he climbed the tree to get a better view. As a result, Jesus approached him and invited him to his home.

Despite its location in Jerico, finding the Zacchaeus tree can be challenging. However, if you are able to do it yourself, you’ll enjoy a fascinating self-guided tour. Beata M. Andonia, who works in the Bethlehem tourist bureau, recommends a self-guided tour.

While the tree may not be a direct match for the tree in the New Testament, the church does house a remnant of the tree. Visitors can take a look at the tree’s gnarled stump, which was probably intact in the 6th century. The tree is also home to icons that depict the meeting between Jesus and Zacchaeus.

In addition to the Tree of Zacchaeus, you can also visit the Tree of Temptation, which is believed to be the location of Jesus’ encounter with the devil in Luke 19. This monastery was built into the cliffs of Jerico, which marks the place where Jesus was tempted by the devil.

The Tree of Zacchaeus is an impressive monument that is one of the best places to visit in the town. Its location near the Dead Sea makes it a great place to explore. This ancient city is near the Dead Sea and the West Bank, and is a unique destination. The town offers many attractions and fun activities for visitors.

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